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Trying Boba Ice Cream

I missed the whole boba ice cream craze that went on last year. I tried looking for them a couple of times but they were sold out. I did get the chance to try one a few months ago but it was a different brand from this one. I kept passing it in the Asian grocery store and I finally decided to toss it in my cart. I also got a fish waffle one that looked really interesting. I tried the regular brown sugar boba one first. And props to the company for accurately representing the ice cream. Okay, so I totally get why people went crazy over these now. It was decadent, smooth, and getting the little burst of chewy boba in there was amazing. I think I'm in love and I'm wondering where this ice cream has been all my life. We better move on to the fish waffle one before I eat all of these.

Look at how cute it is though. Almost too cute to eat. I didn't know where to take a bite first because I felt like it was a sacred moment. This stuff is also but it didn't have the boba in it. I prefer the first one but still like this one. The texture difference between the waffle and the ice cream was nice and because I could, I decided to add some hot... uh just kidding. But I did add a cherry to it because why not.


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