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Bell peppers with rotel dip

Today is clean out the fridge day so I'm deciding on what to make with all the random stuff. My roommate also has some ground beef and some bell peppers that she hasn't eaten yet. So, I'm going to use those. Her suggestion is to make a dip using the bell peppers. So, I'm going to give that a try.

To a pan, I'm adding olive oil and chopped garlic. Going to move it around a bit so it doesn't get burnt. Then, I'm adding the ground beef. Once it's mostly cooked, I'm adding salt, pepper, garlic powder, and I really wanted to add onion powder but I couldn't find any in my pantry. Next, I added taco seasoning because it sounded good. I found a can of hot Rotel that had some habaneros in it. So, I'm adding this to the meat along with some cream cheese. I lowered the heat and mixed everything around. I was going to add the leftover cheddar cheese we had but I decided we didn't need it because we already had the cream cheese. Then, I'm adding the rest of the spinach that we had from the last week. I took that off the heat and cut up the bell peppers. My roommate was on a conference call. So, I was trying to be as quiet as possible which was really challenging. I'm going to pat myself on the back for this one because they turned out pretty good. My roommate also really enjoyed them and we finished it all.


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