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I combined my leftover birria with shin ramyun noodles

I had some leftover birria from a restaurant order so I decided to combine it with some shin ramyun noodles to see how they would turn out. Also, I can't roll my R's to save my life so please don't come at me in the comments. I cooked the noodles and added about 75% of the seasoning because I was scared it would overpower the flavor of the birria. Then I reheated the broth and poured it over the drained noodles and seasoning. Then, I squeezed on a little bit of lime.

Was this delicious? Freaking yes! The ramen seasoning added just the right amount of spiciness to the rich broth. It created a delicious food experience. I also had a leftover taco. So yeah, I dipped that in the broth because I could. 10/10 I would definitely try this again.


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